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  • Michelle Jansma

End of Summer Deal

Well folks, it's that time again! You'll soon be dusting off the books (which hopefully aren't too dusty from inactivity!), getting the school room ready, and getting the kiddos (and you!) back in the school groove. There is, no doubt, some excitement being felt: fantastic new curriculum, a refreshed attitude, great ideas from summer research and conferences, the anticipation of implementing them, etc. However, along with that excitement, there could also be a host of other emotions going on: stress about getting everything ready, sadness about saying good-bye to the summer "freedom", and, perhaps, some apprehension: will this year's lessons be successful? will the kids have good attitudes? will I have the necessary ability to teach what they need to learn? will my house fall apart? Even if you're not in that stressed/apprehensive area yet, no doubt you will experience one or both of those emotions at some point in the coming year. But that's ok! Prepare yourself for those moments before they're even here. Keep the following encouragement nearby from the beginning so that when those moments sneak up (and often they are quite sneaky!), you are ready to combat them and get back your confidence, conviction, and excitement for what you're doing by educating your children.

*Remember that the journey you're on won't always be easy, but it's going to be worth the effort!

*People may try to convince you that you're giving too much up to homeschool your children, but the truth is that you're gaining so much more!

*Sometimes deciding to play a little longer is the smarter choice!

*Some days your house won't look perfect and your kids won't act perfect, but that doesn't mean you're failing: a perfect house is boring and perfect kids are not real.

*And finally, for the days when you feel like all you've done is disciplined your children and they couldn't possibly have learned a thing...consider this:

Blessings on your upcoming school year! And please, whether it's excitement or stress, share what you're going through with us. We're in the journey together!

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