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Fact Family Album


This unit is a great way to introduce or continue practicing fact families. It comes with a "Part-Part-Whole" mat to visualize the relationship the 3 numbers in a fact family have to each other. It also features a "family album" where students will have to complete the 4 math facts of various fact families. Also includes a game for further fun and practice! 17 Pages. 1st-3rd Grade 

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Number Club


Number Club is a fun and exciting way to practice counting and number writing...and the goal of becoming a member of the next highest club will make your student forget they're actually working! This 21-page activity collection features everything you need to be a part of the club: "Missing Number" pages for beginning counters, a hundred chart that you can reprint again and again as you reach each new "club", stars to celebrate each milestone, and Mystery Pictures to complete at each level! Planned for work up to 1,000, but really there's no limit! "To infinity and beyond!" Ages 6-9

$2.95 Download Here

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