We have done the research and now can provide you with the resources you need to train your sons and daughters to be Biblical men and women.  Creating your own Keepsake Notebook is an intentional and deliberate way to raise your sons and daughters in the instruction of the Word of God using a whole host of godly men and women to mentor your children. Instruct them throughout their childhood in a Biblical way and watch them grow up into the type of man or woman God intends them to be.  Do you spend time intentionally training them to look at what the Bible says about masculinity and femininity?  Are you convinced that raising Biblical sons and daughters in today's culture is a necessary but rather daunting task and don't know where to begin?  Do you want a customized curriculum that reflects your own unique family and each individual son or daughter? Do you want your children's education to be more than just subject oriented but to be first and foremost God oriented?

The Keepsake Notebook:

* helps you create a distinct and customized curriculum for your own family 
* tells you why and how to create a Keepsake notebook
*  shows you the supplies needed for the notebook
* instructs you on how to make your own study guides
* gives you many resources to turn to
* gives you everything you need to begin
* is filled with ideas and resources to individualize the notebooks for each child  

"I am strongly persuaded that the only way to return to what the Bible describes as true Biblical womanhood and manhood is to turn back to the Word of God as our source and be deliberate in the way we raise our sons and daughters. For that reason we spent many years of their homeschool education intentionally reading numerous books focusing on what the Bible has to say about being men and women of God. In doing so, we created notebooks that have become a keepsake collection of godly resources through which my children have accumulated a vast amount of information that will hopefully be an inspiration to them for many years to come.

"Build your own 'Curriculum' with the host of godly mentors that the Lord puts into your life. Fill your children’s hearts and minds with what really matters in life. We put a lot of effort into teaching math, history, grammar, literature, etc. Although it is vitally important for our children to know these things, it is only a part of their life. How they 'live out' that life is far more important, and the Word of God is our blueprint."   $9.95                                                                                                                                                                                        


This is a sample of what the KEEPSAKE NOTEBOOKS might look like. Templates found in ebook.


We keep adding more!

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This is a sample of what all Study Guides are like.

Customers wrote about the Keepsake Notebook:

"Thank you for a wonderful resource!  We have two sons and a daughter with whom we are using the Keepsake Curriculum and we love it!  I wish we had found it earlier!  It is a great resource that 'works' for our schedule...not too much writing that we never get to it!  Just enough structure and freedom for us.... I often recommend your resource to other like-minded families and my daughter even thought she would like to study another book with two other mums and daughters!  And I have 8 kids in your resource is very economical for a large family as well!  Blessings!

"I love your ebook.  This is just what I needed to finally start my children with their own keepsake notebooks.  Thanks for writing it!"
(mother of 7 blessings, 2 sons and 5 daughters)

"Your information was such a blessing to me.  I knew what God was telling me and it just needed your e-book to pull it together.  I am just amazed at how simple you made what I was making so difficult.  Thank you so VERY much for writing this ebook and the guides.  I pray the Lord will bless the time you put into this and future guides."
(mother with 8 children left at home)

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