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Keepsake Curriculum Freebies

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You've just landed in the Keepsake Curriculum "goody" bag! Everything here is FREE! A variety of crafts and activities to do with your children...a variety of topics...perfect for homeschool or just plain fun!

"Children and gardens need the same thing - patience, love, and  and someone who will never give up on them."

- Nicolette Sowder

Printable Bookmarks

Never lose your place with these two cute bookmarks your child can print, color and cut.


"I am Thankful" Cornucopia

A fun and easy craft to help your kids think through what they have to be thankful for in their life. Printouts included in the FREE download.


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100 Day Activities

One of the best celebrations for the primary grades is the 100th day of the school year! Find fun and easy activities you can use to celebrate this special day in this FREE download!


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Moon Watch Journal

Make a journal for your little observer to keep track of the moon each night! Template included.


"Little Reader's

Book Report" 

This FREE one-page book report will be a nice way to get your young reader thinking about the books that they read. It's also a nice introduction to writing a book report. Help as needed. Ages 4-7


Pilgrim Hat and Bonnet

No study of the pilgrims or celebration of Thanksgiving will be complete without your very own pilgrim hat or bonnet. Made out of construction paper, these adorable hats can be put together pretty quickly.


Let's Go Fly a Kite

A great craft to get ready for a perfect, windy, spring day! Templates included.


Two Week Reading

Winter Reading Graph

This two week reading graph would be a great way to keep your kids reading if you're taking a break for the Christmas holiday! Set a goal for each day and solve the secret message by "earning" pieces of the code as you fill in the graph!


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Count to Christmas Holiday Lights

Getting all the way to December 25 can feel like it takes forever! Help control and encourage your child's anticipation by using these holiday lights to count the days until Christmas. Would be a festive decoration to your child's bedroom door or wall as well!

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Winter Cardinal

Kids will love the sparkle of this winter cardinal! Template included.



Screen Shot 2023-11-10 at 4.42.44 PM.png

Church Colors Graph

Keep young hands and minds busy with this color graphing activity. Mark an "X" in the box each time you see something in that color at church. Which color will reach the top first?!


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