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A Light to My Path

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Psalm 119:105 gives us a description of the power and role God's Word has in our lives: it directs our steps and guides our way. One of the best habits we can help our children develop is that of spending time with God in personal devotions. No time of theirs will be better spent. So, why not start them young?

A Light to My Path: My First By-Myself Devotions for Young Readers is a tool to help beginning readers experience independent time with God. While some guidance and direction is necessary, the sentences are short and simple, yet filled with important truth about God and His Word that your child can learn on their own.   

 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

- Psalm 119:105 KJV

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A Light to My Path: My First By-Myself Devotions for Young Readers  - Our Great God 

This "first devotions" is meant to introduce beginning readers to the habit of independent devotions. The focus is on 15 attributes of God, such as holy, wise, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and faithfulThe reading for each day is intentionally brief and simple, so that it can be read as independently as possible. Each section has a verse your little reader can work on memorizing, as well as a suggested hymn to listen to each day. Save them to a playlist, or search for them on the internet (please note not all versions will perfectly match the printed lyrics here). "Prayer List" pages are included for your child to keep a record of people and requests that they can pray for each day. Attribute Cards can be kept and turned into a keepsake book to remember all that was learned about our great God!


Private time with the Lord and personal prayer are two habits worth making an investment in. We pray this little book is a helpful tool in that goal. Recommended ages 5-8. 

A physical copy of the book can be purchased below from Barnes & Noble (81 pages) $11.99

Ebook version available by clicking below. (99 pages) $4.99

Physical Book - $11.99

***Ebook Version*** - $4.99

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