Faith Walker's parents want her to grow in godliness and to have a strong faith in God; that's why they named her Faith. She's a regular kid, with the same struggles, worries, and questions that all kids have. But she's learning that the more she knows about God's Word, the better she's able to deal with her struggles and worries and find answers to her questions. 

"Dear Faith" is a Keepsake Correspondence series that contains letters written by Faith to your child on different topics for growing in their faith and walk with the Lord. Your child can write back to Faith, a great way for them to express their own thoughts on the topic and also what they are learning about it. Everything can be saved in a binder as a wonderful keepsake your child can return to again and again.

The  Worry Letters

"Faith is a kid just like you. And just like you there are things she worries about. But she’s learning to trust God more and more. That’s why her parents named her “Faith”. Every time she gets worried, she’s learning to say prayers and Bible verses right away. When we learn God’s Word and how to trust in Him, our faith grows bigger and bigger…and our worries get smaller and smaller!"

Each letter from Faith in this volume of the Correspondence Series will address a different worry with which kids commonly struggle. Use all 15 or pick and choose specific ones. Each worry topic has two letters from Faith: one that introduces the worry and one that tells what she’s learning about it. Pages for your children to write her back are also included. Recommended ages 5-11 (92 Pages).

Common worries covered in the unit:

The Dark                            Doing the Right Thing         
Storms                               Making Friends          
New Places                        Separation from Loved Ones                  
What Others Think              More...                               


Included in this unit:

Letters to your child from Faith 

Letter Pages for writing back to Faith

Keepsake Prayer Pages

Printable Mailing Labels to Faith

And more!...

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We are currently working on future "Dear Faith" Keepsake Correspondence Series products!!

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