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  • Michelle Jansma

COZY UP with a Good Winter Read

As we enter a new season of the year, I wanted to share some of my favorite children's books that will be perfect for you to read this winter with your children! There are some beautiful Christmas stories that are sure to become yearly traditions, and also some cute and fun stories about snowmen, winter, and penguins! Grab the book, find a cozy spot, and enjoy some good reads with your children this winter season!

In an effort to encourage your children to read this winter (perhaps for their Christmas break), there is a free two-week reading graph with a secret code included at the end of this post!

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski - Jonathan Toomey is the best woodcarver around, but he’s also considered to be probably the most grumpy man around. No one knows about the sad secret that is the cause of Mr. Toomey’s gloom. When a widow and her young son ask the woodcarver to carve them a new nativity scene, Mr. Toomey has no idea how his life is about to change. A truly heartwarming story.

The Mitten by Jan Brett - In this classic story, Nicki drops his white mitten in the snow but doesn’t realize it. It isn’t long before animals from the forest begin to take refuge inside the mitten, one by one. It starts with a mole, then a rabbit, and eventually a brown bear crawls inside. What will happen to the mitten when finally a tiny, brown mouse tries to climb inside?

“Tacky the Penguin” by Helen Lester - Tacky the penguin is very different from his friends on the iceberg. They are perfect in almost everything they do; Tacky is not. Once Tacky finds a way to save the day, however, they all agree that Tacky may be an odd bird, but he’s “a nice bird to have around.” The Tacky Series from Helen Lester is filled with fun, and your kids will love following along with the hilarious antics of this “odd” penguin! Check out the whole series!

"The Missing Mitten Mystery” by Steven Kellogg - In this personal favorite of mine, Annie and her dog, Oscar, have been busy in the snow all day long. Suddenly, Annie realizes that her red mitten is missing, so she and Oscar go on a hunt to find it. They search everywhere, imagining every possible explanation for how it could’ve been lost. At the end of the day, Annie thinks her mitten must be gone for good…but is it?

If you like what you see, click here for the complete list with direct links for purchase of the ones that catch your eye...and if you're like me, you'll want them all! :) Enjoy!

And check out this FREE printable two week reading graph for your little readers! They can set a goal for daily reading and color in the present each day that they read. As they fill in the graph, they will also receive pieces to a code to solve the secret message about reading! :)

Finally, if you missed our craft at Thinking Kids Press you can still get it along with all the other Christmas crafts!

Fun ideas to make with your kiddos!! Check it out here!

Happy winter reading! Let me know of any must-have children's books you come across! I can never get enough!


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