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  • Michelle Jansma

The Day the Music Died

If you had to give an answer about what area in your homeschooling is most lacking, what would it be? For a lot of us, it'd probably be music and the arts. This is not necessarily because we find them unimportant, they're just often the hardest to find materials for or to feel competent in teaching. Well now that you probably have your reading, writing, arithmetic, science, etc. well underway, maybe you feel like you have a breath to consider music and art!

We're excited to let you know about a few resources to help you in this, I only wish they were around when I was homeschooling my children. So check them out! I mean it's always nice to be given a place to start, right?!

Some things to consider for the month of October:

Music in Our Homeschool is having a big sale this month: 25% off all their courses! Gena from Learn Music in Our Homes has great resources for teaching elementary through high school courses. Check it out and add a little music to your homeschool! Add the code CINDY to get 25% off!

Karen from Teach Your Child Piano has some really great courses to help you teach your own piano lessons even if you can't play, plus a whole lot more. Check it out here!

Need some Art Appreciation in your Homeschool? Erica from Enrichment Studies has you covered. Just a little every day goes a long way. Teach your kids to appreciate Art from today and years gone by!

If you just need an easy art project and you need one now, then head to The Playroom at our website and check out this construction paper fall tree project. You only need construction paper, a glue stick, and scissors, so no trip to the store required! You can even use the tree template included in the 3-page FREE download!

Finally, a Special Gift before you go on your way - hopefully more equipped to engage with music and art this month - enjoy this "buy one get one free" coupon for anything in our store! Simply use the code ANYTHINGB1G1 at checkout (discount will be applied to item of equal or lesser value). Click here to be taken directly to our store.

Let's not let the music die!

- Michelle & Cindy, Keepsake Curriculum

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