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  • Michelle Jansma

Homemade Fun

One of the pleasures of training your children is the building of a loving

relationship with them. Spending meaningful time with your kids, making memories, is a very real part of shaping their character. The question we often have, however, is what do we do with them? We want things that are more meaningful than being in front of the TV together, but what's a parent to do? We can very quickly feel out of ideas!

I don't know about you, but I love being in the kitchen and discovering new tasty foods to share with my family. That's when I thought, why not include the kids?! Who doesn't remember having fun baking and decorating cookies with their mom or grandma? If that was so much fun, then why not bring the kids into the kitchen more often?

And so, the "Mommy 'n Me eCookbook" was born! This eCookbook provides an opportunity to build that relationship with your kids, to enjoy each other, to have fun, oh, and let's not forget, get some yummy treats along the way!

There are 27 recipes broken into 3 categories: Breakfast (6), Meals & Sides (10), and Snacks & Treats (11).

Check out the following features:

Mommy's Recipe - Mommy needs to have her own recipe, that way she can add it to her existing collection of recipes! :)

"My" Recipe - This recipe is for your child and is made with them in mind. The ingredients are written as a checklist so that they can check off each box as they gather it to make sure they have everything. The cooking steps are also in checklist form so that they can have an active part of working through the recipe with Mommy. They also will be able to place a picture of their finished food on the page, giving them a big feeling of accomplishment! Finally, they can rate the recipe by coloring in stars to remember how much they liked it.

My First Cookbook Cover - Your child can keep their recipes and collect them into their very first cookbook, a wonderful keepsake of their time in the kitchen with their momma! The included cover can be slid into a binder with all their tasty recipes inside!

Jr. Chef Challenge - Each recipe includes an academic challenge that can be completed together while food is cooking, as you eat it, or any time that is convenient! Not only does this add a little academic flavor (see what I did there?!), but it also furthers the meaningful time you can spend with your children.

Menu - As you cook, others in the house might wonder what all the tasty smells are about. Keep them informed by filling out the included menu page that can be displayed so the family knows what's coming!

Just click here to be taken to the product page where you can see a sample! You can be cooking and making memories with your kids by tonight!

Happy cooking!

- Michelle


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