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  • Michelle Jansma

November Crafts 'n Snacks - Thanksgiving Dinner

Guys...It's November!

And November means Thanksgiving dinner! And Thanksgiving dinner means turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie....I mean mmmmmm!!!!! How could Thanksgiving dinner not be the focus of the November Crafts 'n Snacks?!

The craft this month will allow your child to create their own plate for Thanksgiving dinner. They will get to choose from turkey drumsticks, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, bread rolls, and pumpkin pie! The download includes the printouts for each food. They can color in the food they want to eat, and then glue it down to a paper plate. Dinner is served!

After deciding just how much they want to eat of each delicious food, they will complete the "Best Thanksgiving Dinner" page (also included in download), filling in how many parts they have to their Thanksgiving dinner.

The "snack" portion of this month's freebie is one of my favorite fall desserts....sticky caramel pumpkin cake! So moist and yummy, drizzled with caramel, and featuring that beloved pumpkin flavor!

There are also a lot of really fun Thanksgiving stories you can read with your children as you prepare for Thanksgiving dinner this month! Check some of these out:

“A Turkey for Thanksgiving” by Eve Bunting - Mr. and Mrs. Moose are eager to have all their animal friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. But one friend is missing...Turkey! Soon they discover that their friend is too afraid to come over because he thinks he might end up on the table for dinner instead!

“A Plump and Perky Turkey” by Teresa Bateman - The Squawk Valley turkeys are getting smarter. There will be no more jumping into pots at Thanksgiving for them. So, the townspeople make a plan to hold a turkey-themed fair that will draw in an unsuspecting bird! Will Peter the Turkey fall for the trap?

“Too Many Turkeys” by Linda White - When a lost little turkey finds his way onto Fred and Belle’s farm, Belle’s garden soon becomes the finest in town. Everyone wants to know her secret, but she won’t tell. When Belle is out of town, another turkey finds its way to their farm...and then another and another! Soon the farm is filled with turkeys. What will Fred do? Will he keep Belle’s secret? Will her garden be ruined?

“Sarah Morton’s Day” by Kate Waters - A kid-friendly book that photographs what life was like for pilgrim children. Follow along as Sarah Morton’s day unfolds in 1627.

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- Michelle & Cindy, Keepsake Curriculum


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