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October Crafts 'n Snacks - Pumpkins

Happy October!

Oh what a wonderful time of year! The crispness in the air, the colors of the leaves, the smells of tasty apple and pumpkin treats...I can never get enough! Since the September installment of our "Crafts 'n Snacks" series was devoted to apples, it was only fair that October be all about, you guessed it, pumpkins!

The craft this month is an adorable pumpkin patch. The pumpkins are made by ripping up orange construction paper. Now, don't be too alarmed, ripping paper doesn't have to mean that total chaos will ensue. In fact, your child will probably be excited that they're actually allowed to rip paper up into pieces!

To really complete the look of the pumpkin patch, popsicle sticks will be added to the paper to make an adorable fence. The download includes templates to make the three pumpkins and a "Pumpkin Patch" sign your child can write their name on before gluing to their pumpkin patch.

And since I already mentioned the smell of delicious pumpkin goodness baking in the oven, this October issue includes a recipe for some tasty Banana Pumpkin Bread! If you really want to get in the fall spirit, have your child help you get it baking before you begin working on the pumpkin patch! Mmmmmm, fall!

There are also some great story ideas about pumpkins that would be great to read with your child this October:

“The Biggest Pumpkin Ever” by Steven Kroll - Mouse friends Desmond and Clayton both have plans for a pumpkin they find growing outside. Desmond wants to carve the biggest pumpkin in the neighborhood; Clayton wants to win the biggest pumpkin contest. Problems arise when the mice discover that their pumpkins growing in the pumpkin patch are actually the same pumpkin! Follow along as together, they grow the biggest pumpkin ever!

“How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?” by Margaret McNamara - In this adorable skip counting book, a class of curious kids are asked by their teacher, “How many seeds are in a pumpkin?” With a big, medium, and small pumpkin to guess from, they all have different ideas of what the answer will be. Once the slimy business of looking inside is complete, however, the answer is a bit surprising!

“Too Many Pumpkins” by Linda White - When a giant pumpkin falls off a truck and lands with a splat in the yard of old Rebecca Estelle, she decides to simply bury the mess. You will not believe what happens the following fall!

“The Pumpkin Book” by Gail Gibbons - With her well-known presentation of simple non-fiction text and pictures, Gail Gibbons the many shapes and sizes pumpkins come in, how they grow, and how they’re used in different cultures. The book also includes instructions for carving a pumpkin and drying out seeds.

“Pumpkin Jack” by Will Hubbell - An interesting story following the decay of a pumpkin. Tim carves his first pumpkin, named Jack. When Halloween passes, Tim decides to watch it change in the garden.

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- Michelle & Cindy, Keepsake Curriculum


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