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  • Michelle Jansma

Flowers for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I wanted to do two things: one, offer an adorable craft that will be perfect for moms and grandmas! Second, I obviously have to give a little "shout out" to moms out there. It's tough work! But it's a blessing and joy as well.

God has given women such a high calling. They get to be mothers. They get to bear, nurture, love, and train the generation of tomorrow. What a responsibility! What an honor! What a joy!

To mothers that are "in the trenches", as it were: press on! Don't let the difficulties of the day make you doubt the beauty of the gift you've been given or miss the importance of the impact your work as a mother has. No matter what else you do, recognize the high calling you have as a mother; feel the weight of that responsibility, but don't miss the joy either! If you have daughters, foster in them the desire for motherhood, to see it for the beautiful gift that it is. Let them see that no other task you do fills you with as much accomplishment and contentment as being their mother.

To those who are perhaps "out of the trenches": encourage the women around you who are presently where you once were. Young mothers need the wisdom of "seasoned" mothers around them, supporting them.

To those who desire to be mothers: trust that God has placed that beautiful desire in your heart for a reason. Be patient as you wait to see just how God plans to use you to impact future generations.

Motherhood isn't a job for the faint of heart. We need strong women if we desire to see a strong generation follow.

As Mother's Day approaches, here is a cute craft that kids can make for their mothers and/or grandmothers. Who wouldn't want a pot of lilies made from the hand-print of their little angels?!

The first thing you'll need is a child's hands. Trust me, the hands of my kindergartners made much cuter flowers than my larger paw! :) You'll also want:

Black, white, and green construction paper

Yellow pipe cleaners

Flower pot/planter





Hole punch

Begin by tracing your child’s hand onto the white construction paper. Cut out the hand-print.

Kids love the way you make the curly petals of the lily; they think it's a magic trick! Taking a pencil, start at the top of the pinky finger and curl it around the pencil. When you reach the palm of the hand-print, unroll the pencil from the paper so that it leaves a curl. Continue with other fingers. When you’re finished it will look like a claw.

To form the lily flower, roll the hand so that the thumb moves toward the pinky finger. Take the straw and wrap the "flower" hand around the straw. Secure with tape.


The rest of the flower is super easy! Rather than needing to draw your own, you can print out the leaf template that's included in the full instruction packet. Just visit our website to see the full instructions and leaf template. There are other fun activities there as well, and we're adding more regularly!

Simply click the link below! Seriously, Grandma needs these for each of her grandchildren! Moms of your students would like them too! :)

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