"First", "Next", "Then", "Last"

Writing Unit for Early Writers

This 22 page unit is perfect for first-time writers. Even if your child still needs a lot of help putting sounds down, this unit is still great practice for learning how to write a coherent story because it is told in simple steps and provides a framework for them. Unit includes Build-Your-Own Story Element posters, Story Element Chart, Sample stories for sequencing practice, and pages for writing a "First", "Next", "Then", "Last" story. Ages 5-7

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"You Gave Me Two Sentences, but I Made Them One"

A Sentence Combining Self-Instructed Module


This 31-page self-instructed module (SIM) is a self-guided lesson on sentence combining and punctuation. Your student will be able to work independently, at their own pace, with no other materials needed. Topics include fragments and independent clauses, coordinating conjunctions, subordinators, and using the semicolon. Practice activities after each lesson will check for understanding of the various punctuation rules covered. The included pre-test and post-test will show just how much they've learned completely on their own! Ages 11-13

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Come Back and Check for More!

"Little Reader's Book Report" 


This FREE one-page book report will be a nice way to get your young reader thinking about the books that they read. It's also a nice introduction to writing a book report. Help as needed. Ages 4-7

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Two Week Reading Winter Reading Graph


This two week reading graph would be a great way to keep your kids reading if you're taking a break for the Christmas holiday! Set a goal for each day and solve the secret message by "earning" pieces of the code as you fill in the graph!


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