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Crafts 'n Snacks - A Monthly Series


September is right around the corner, which means a new school year is upon us! Whether you're excited or overwhelmed, we have an exciting subscriber freebie for you!

Each month of the school year, we will send out an installment of our new "Crafts 'n Snacks" series. The series includes a specific theme with a little craft to do with your child, a yummy snack to make with them, and some ideas for stories you can read with them! The September installment is an apple theme. Whether you're a homeschooling mom, teacher in a classroom, or a mom just looking to make playtime more productive, don't miss out! Click here to subscribe so that each month's freebie installment can be accessed right from your inbox!

I don't know about you, but apples are one of my favorite things about fall! Apple picking and apple treats are highlights every year! In this month's freebie, challenge your child with the riddle (cards for the riddle included in the freebie): "What is round, and red, has no windows, has no door, has a chimney on top, and a star inside?" The answer is, of course, an apple, but the fun always comes when an apple is cut open right before their eyes, and the star is revealed! And hang on to those seeds, because they will glue the actual seeds from the apple into their little riddle book! Also included is a read-aloud story of "The Little Red House", an old folktale that was adapted for young listeners.

Finish off your apple fun by making some delightful apple crisp. As you wait for it to bake, or as you gobble it up when it comes out of the oven, read some of this month's suggested apple stories. We've provided links for purchase if you'd like to have them in your personal library, or they aren't available at your public library. They include:

"Ten Apples Up on Top" by Dr. Seuss - In this fun counting story, a dog, lion, and tiger try to outdo each other by balancing more apples than the other as they do crazy things like tightrope and rollerskating! A cute, fun story by Dr. Seuss (who actually wrote under the pen name of Theo LeSieg as well!)

"The Biggest Apple Ever" by Steven Kroll - Clayton a Desmond, the adorable mouse friends, are back in this cute addition to the series. They are learning about apples at school and are determined to find the biggest one! See what kind of fun awaits them as Clayton and Desmond once again learn to work together.

"The Giving Tree" by Shel Silversten - The classic story of the boy who becomes friends with an apple tree. The little boy loves playing with the tree, and the tree is happy. But over the years, the boy comes less and less to play, and instead only comes to see his tree friend when he needs something. The tree, however, continues to give and give until she is only a stump. Will the young boy, now an old man, have one last chance to make the tree happy after all she's given him?

We hope you have fun with apples this month! Let us know what you think of the freebie and if there's any other way we can assist or encourage you this year! And please, tell your friends about us! We'd love to see our community at Keepsake Curriculum continue to grow! Get the first month free but you need to subscribe to get the rest! GET YOUR FREEBIE BY CLICKING HERE!

- Michelle & Cindy - Keepsake Curriculum


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