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The Way I Should Go 


TWISG Volume 2 Cover Photo.jpg

The Way I Should Go - Volume 2 Storybook (eBook)


In volume 2 of The Way I Should Go, we continue with the call of parents to train their children in godliness. All the kids from Volume 1 are back, ready to experience new lessons about how they can become more like Christ. The Way I Should Go Volume 2 presents 12 character traits, told in stories describing real-life situations children often experience. Character traits in this volume include: Attentiveness, Peacefulness, Joyfulness, Goodness, Flexibility, Gentleness, Generosity, Fairness, Orderliness, Forgiveness, Thoroughness, and Discretion. Recommended ages 6-11. See accompanying Memory Work and Activity Guide to further supplement your training. (56 pages)  $4.99  





Memory Work and Activity Guide - Volume 2 (eBook)


The ultimate goal for parents is to see their children take godliness and righteousness to heart. The Way I Should Go Memory Work and Activity Guide is a tool to help children not just learn God's Word temporarily, but to actually keep it in their heart. This activity guide accompanies the stories from The Way I Should Go Volume 2. Once again, each new character trait from the storybook has a verse accompanying it, along with activity, writing, and prayer pages. In addition, there is a page for your child to write out each verse and collect them into a book entitled "Keep It In My Heart", a wonderful keepsake of all the scripture they've hidden in their heart! A cover is included.You'll also find a mystery picture and a secret message your child will have to solve by completing each section.   (109 pages) $4.99                                                                                                                          

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Memory Verse Cards - Volume 2 (eBook)


Hiding God’s Word in your heart is important…why not make it fun too?! The Way I Should Go Memory Verse Cards for Volume 2 provides printable cards for memorization practice of each verse, as well as a list of fun ways to practice them. Available in ink friendly format as well. $1.99                                                                                                            

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