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January Crafts 'n Snacks - Penguins

2018 is here! Not sure how, but, people, it is!

There's always a certain sadness each year when Christmas ends up in the rearview mirror. If you happen to be one of those people feeling the gloom, then maybe these penguin crafts and activities will raise your spirits! Seriously, you don't want to miss them!

The craft this month is an adorable penguin with a flip up belly that reveals some fun facts about penguins. The printable, construction paper, scissors, and glue are all you need!

There's also a fun blubber experiment to demonstrate for kiddos firsthand how blubber can keep animals safe in the cold. There are also some really fun penguin books that will you laughing and learning together. Don't miss out!

You're also sure to love this month's snack...Penguin Milano Cookies! Make them in advance and then cuddle up with the adorable penguin stories below!

To really complete your penguin fun this January, you need to check out these adorable stories:

“Tacky the Penguin” by Helen Lester - Tacky the penguin is very different from his friends on the iceberg. They are perfect in almost everything they do; Tacky is not. Once Tacky finds a way to save the day, however, they all agree that Tacky may be an odd bird, but he’s “a nice bird to have around.” The Tacky Series from Helen Lester is filled with fun, and your kids will love following along with the hilarious antics of this “odd” penguin! Check out the whole series!

“One Cool Friend” by Toni Buzzeo - Elliot is a very well-mannered boy. One day while visiting the aquarium with his father, he politely asks if he can have a penguin. His father, seeing the stuffed ones nearby, agrees. Elliot, however, grabs a penguin from the pool and takes him home in his backpack. As he cares for his new friend at his house, we learn something very interesting about Elliot’s father.

“If You Were a Penguin” by Florence Minor - A simple rhyming picture book that offers great facts about penguins and lets children wonder just what it would be like if they were a penguin! Also, gorgeous illustrations from Wendell Minor.

“The Emperor’s Egg” by Martin Jenkins - The male Emperor penguin just might be the “Father of the Year” for the animal world. With wonderful illustrations from Jane Chapman, this picture book will fascinate children as they learn everything a daddy Emperor penguin does to take care of his baby.

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- Michelle & Cindy, Keepsake Curriculum


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