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December Crafts 'n Snacks - Snowmen

December is here!

It's hard to believe that fall has come and gone and Christmas is on the horizon! It truly is "the most wonderful time of the year"! Christmas trees, lights, shopping, hot chocolate, snow angels, sledding, and of course...snowmen!

This month the theme of Crafts 'n Snacks will be all about snowmen! It has an adorable snowman at night picture to make with your child, yummy Oreo snowmen pops to snack on, and some great snowman books to snuggle up and read together!

The snowman picture will be done on black construction paper to create a really nice contrast with your snowy-white snowman (template included). To add to the cuteness, the snowman is peeking out from behind a winter tree, giving a friendly wave!

After decorating the snowman with a friendly face and a warm scarf, use crayons to add a bright moon and to put snow all over the picture!

And you're welcome in advance, the snack this month features Oreos...dipped in white chocolate! (like I said, you're welcome!). This time you might just want to make the snack first and munch on one or two (or three or four) while you work together on the snowman picture! I mean, just look at them...yes, please!

To really complete your snowman fix this December, you need to check out these adorable stories:

“Snowmen at Night” by Caralyn Buehner - Ever wondered what snowmen do at night while all the people are fast asleep in their beds? This fantastic, imaginative story will not only show you what they do, but it will do so with glorious illustrations that are sure to capture your attention! See also “Snowmen at Play” ,

“Snowmen at Christmas”, and “Snowmen at Work”.

“The Missing Mitten Mystery” by Steven Kellogg - In this personal favorite of mine, Annie and her dog, Oscar, have been busy in the snow all day long. Suddenly, Annie realizes that her red mitten is missing, so she and Oscar go on a hunt to find it. They search everywhere, imagining every possible explanation for how it could’ve been lost. At the end of the day, Annie thinks her mitten must be gone for good...but is it?

“The Biggest Snowman Ever” by Steven Kroll - Yes, Desmond and Clayton are at it again! In this installment, the two mouse friends come together to win the town contest by building the “Biggest Snowman Ever”!

“100 Snowmen” by Jen Arena - A counting book that has a mission...get to 100 snowmen! The rhymes and fun equations in this story are sure to be a hit with your kids. Even though some equations will be too difficult, they will have tons of fun anticipating just how man snowmen there will be at the end!

“Sneezy the Snowman” by Maureen Wright - Sneezy the Snowman is trying very hard to warm himself up...only to keep melting! Thankfully, the children are there to help each time! Great illustrations in this funny book!

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- Michelle & Cindy, Keepsake Curriculum


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