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Build Your Bundle Is Back (Almost)

Hey Everyone, Build Your Bundle is back. Well not quite but it begins in a few days. Not to worry, you can enter now for some cool deals. This is a great curriculum sale for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers. There are such wonderful parenting and curriculum options. The sale begins this Monday, May 22, but you can enter their huge giveaway now to win all 20 bundles. Once you enter, you'll also get a COUPON to use during the sale. Save up to 96%!!! It's a great deal!!

For homeschoolers the curriculum opportunities include:

Character Building Bundle

Charlotte Mason Inspired Bundle

Early Learning Bundle

Elementary Bundles 1-4

Upper Grades Bundles 1-2

Ellen McHenry Bundle

A Journey Through Learning Bundle

In the Hands of a Child Bundle

Mystery Bundle

Thematic Units Bundle

Brother & Sister Bundle

Homemaking Bundle

Healthy Families Bundle

Homeschool Helps Bundle

Special Needs Bundle

Unit Studies Bundle

If you don't homeschool, check out the following bundles:

Homemaking Bundle

Healthy Families Bundle

Character Building Bundle

Pick and Choose from any of the bundles for great ideas to use at home!!!!!

The sale begins May 22 at 8AM EST and ends Tuesday, May 30 at 11:59PM EST.

Don't miss out on a great opportunity!!! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!!!!


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