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The Way I Should Go 


TWISG Volume 3 Cover Photo.jpg
TWISG Vol 3 eCover.png

The Way I Should Go - Volume 3 Storybook (eBook)


In the final volume of The Way I Should Go, the same characters return with a whole new set of lessons for growing in godliness. The Way I Should Go Volume 3 presents 13 character traits, told in stories describing real-life situations children often experience. Character traits in this volume include: Boldness, Humbleness, Availability, Faithfulness, Decisiveness, Punctuality, Courage, Dependability, Endurance, Sharing, Compassion, Meekness, and Love. Recommended ages 6-11. See accompanying Memory Work and Activity Guide to further supplement your training. (65 pages)   $4.99                                                                                                                          

MAAG Vol 3 eCover.png

Memory Work and Activity Guide - Volume 3 (eBOok)


Training children in righteousness and godliness is no easy task. The Way I Should Go Memory Work and Activity Guide is a tool to help children hide the Word of God in their heart so that they can keep it with them wherever they may go. This activity guide accompanies the stories from The Way I Should Go Volume 3. In this final volume, each character trait from the storybook has a verse accompanying it, along with activity, writing, and prayer pages. In addition, there is a page for your child to write out each verse and collect them into a book entitled "Keep It In My Heart", a wonderful keepsake of all the scripture they've hidden in their heart! A cover is included. Once again there is also a mystery picture and secret message to solve after each section is completed.  (122 pages)  $4.99                                                                                                                          

TWISG V3 Memory Card eCover.png

Memory Verse Cards - Volume 3 (eBook)


Hiding God’s Word in your heart is important…why not make it fun too?! The Way I Should Go Memory Verse Cards for Volume 3 provides printable cards for memorization practice of each verse, as well as a list of fun ways to practice them. Available in ink friendly format as well.   $1.99                                                                                                            

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