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Find resources for the spiritual training and discipling of your children - the next generation. 

Discipling is also about engaging with your children and building a bond. So have some fun with them!

Help your kids to expand their knowledge of the Bible and become familiar with its teachings.

Check out just a few of our favorite websites and products...and all the fun freebies too!

 “Precious, no doubt, are these little ones in your eyes; but if you love them, think often of their souls. No interest should weigh with you so much as their eternal interests. No part of them should be so dear to you as that part which will never die."

- J.C. Ryle

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We are a mother and daughter team with a passion for helping parents to disciple their children with the Word of God.



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Disciple Through Relationship

Have fun with your kids...and build meaningful relationships at the same time!

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